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Empowering Creativity: Workshops and Classes for All

I'm a participatory artist, offering dynamic workshops in performing and visual arts for individuals across various age groups, from young to older. My experience is not only in formal educational settings such as schools and colleges but also extends to community environments, higher academic and professional arenas, including work with those who identify as disabled.

My guiding philosophy is that every person is creative and every place has the potential to become a stage or canvas for creative expression. I believe that we are all inherently creative in unique ways, and part of the joy of my work lies in helping others discover their creative potential.

At the heart of my practice, 'collaboration' takes precedence over 'leadership.' In my workshops, every participant — staff, carers, or attendees — is considered an integral part of the creative process.

Their experiences and contributions enrich our shared creative journey. 


This approach has not only proven successful in creating a supportive and inclusive environment but has also led to increased ups-killing and motivation, ensuring my work leaves a lasting impact within the organisations I work with."

Interactive participatory exhibition with The Peace Museum, Gallery 2, University of Bradford

Drama Workshops


facilitate a variety of drama workshops for people of all ages, focusing on key aspects of theatre such as character development, comedy, improvisation and theatre games.

These workshops are designed to provide a creative environment where participants can discover their unique potential, grow their confidence, and refine their performance skills. Involvement in a range of activities, from exploring Shakespeare's multifaceted characters to engaging in interactive theatre games, ensures a comprehensive and enriching experience.

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to deliver workshops at a variety of venues, such as the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Hoot Creative Arts in Huddersfield, and the Leeds Playhouse. In my role as an associate artist with "All Points North" and "Moondust Theatre", I've led community projects and provided workshops to support their performances.

In addition, I conduct regular performing arts workshops at the Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre in Knaresborough, and manage the Knaresborough Youth Theatre, fostering a creative and safe environment for young people between the ages of 4-16.

These workshops aim to do more than teach acting skills; they offer a platform for self-exploration and personal growth. From live performances that hold audiences spellbound, to creative films and intriguing audio pieces, these workshops are as varied as the participants themselves.

The power of performing arts to transform lives and communities is at the heart of my work. By boosting confidence, encouraging creativity, and fostering collaboration, these workshops provide a meaningful enrichment to participants' lives. They are designed to dovetail with ongoing learning and discovery, in both school settings and community groups, providing a rounded approach to personal and educational development.

For those interested in immersing themselves in the performing arts, wishing to boost their self-confidence, or simply desiring to try something new and rewarding, I invite you to get in touch. Discover more about the workshops I offer and consider booking a session.

Photo Courtesy of my schools workshop courtesy of RACA Aim Higher.

Community workshop at Leeds Playhouse

Inclusive Creative Workshops

My workshops provide practical engagement with the creative arts, specifically designed for people who are differently abled or identify as disabled. The focus is on promoting well-being and self-expression through varied artistic disciplines including drama, music, and fine art.

These workshops are adapted to the specific needs of the individuals attending. The approach is informed by a combination of academic learning and practical experience, including qualifications in theatre, training in drama-therapy, and a Masters in Creative Practice.

The intention of these workshops is two-fold: to provide a space for creative exploration, and to contribute to an inclusive arts community that aligns with the principles of disability arts. I aim to challenge preconceptions and advocate for change within the broader arts sector.

I welcome participants to these workshops, providing a platform for artistic expression and a chance to be part of a broader dialogue on inclusivity within the arts.

Get Involved: If you're interested in participating or if you'd like to discuss creating a bespoke workshop that meets the specific needs of your group or organisation, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am always open to consultation and it's always a pleasure to hear from individuals or groups who share my passion for inclusive arts. 

Music workshop at Chapel Grange School Bradford

Engaging Paper-cutting Workshops

Discover the captivating world of paper-cutting in my engaging workshops. No matter your level of expertise, be it novice or seasoned artist, I provide a tailored experience to help you develop your paper-cutting skills and unleash your creativity.

What's Covered:
These comprehensive workshops cover the essentials of paper-cutting:

Tools and Materials: Understand the various tools and types of paper, and learn how to use a scalpel both effectively and safely.

Techniques and Tips: Acquire unique tips and techniques employed by expert paper-cutters.

Template Cutting: Gain hands-on experience with cutting from templates.
Design Creation: Let your creativity flow as you create your own unique paper-cut art.

Workshop Experience:
I aim to ensure that you walk away with not just a beautiful piece of hand-cut paper art, but also the knowledge and confidence to continue crafting at home. You'll be guided through the process of planning a design, using the tools, and learning techniques, tips, and tricks.

Providing examples, images, and templates for inspiration, I also welcome any ideas you may bring. With a maximum of four students per workshop, you can be assured of a relaxed, friendly, and personalised learning environment.

These workshops are suitable for adults and those aged 12 and above, catering to beginners as well as those with some experience in paper-cutting. If a younger creative individual is keen to participate, I welcome you to get in touch for advice.

What to Expect in Your 3-hour Workshop:
Through the course of the workshop, you will explore the facets of positive, negative, and 'half and half' templates and learn the optimal approach to cutting each type. The atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed. You can look forward to engaging conversations, forming new friendships, and immersing yourself in the delightful process of crafting your papercut artwork.

Please note, paper-cutting requires a certain level of hand strength for the use of cutting tools. If you have restricted hand movement, please get in touch so we can discuss suitability.

Book Your Workshop:
Ready to explore the fascinating world of paper-cutting?

Get in touch to book to a workshop.

Book a place on my next public workshop.

Check out my papercutting tips and techniques

Mosaic Making

I facilitate workshops that cater to every participant's abilities, be they children, adults, beginners, or those with advanced skills.

What to Expect in My Workshops
In my workshops, I provide a comprehensive learning experience that covers:

An Introduction to Mosaics: I provide a brief overview of the art form, sharing its history and diversity.

Materials and Tools: You'll become familiar with a variety of mosaic materials—from stones, tiles, glass, to recyclable items—and the tools needed to work with them.

Techniques and Tips: I will share my personal techniques and tips for creating beautiful mosaic patterns, shapes, and scenes.

Hands-on Project Creation: You'll have the opportunity to put into practice what you've learned by working on your own mosaic project from start to finish.

A Learning Experience Beyond Techniques
While the focus is on learning the craft of mosaic making, I aim to create a warm and engaging environment for everyone. Over the years, I've observed that the community spirit and the process of creating together contribute significantly to the overall experience.

I have had the privilege of working with schools and charities across Yorkshire, creating bespoke workshops designed to involve everyone, irrespective of their abilities. An example of this inclusive approach is the Artizan International project in Harrogate. There, I had the honour of leading a team of differently-abled artists to create a stunning mosaic piece that now beautifies the town centre. 

Various Workshop Formats for Your Needs
Different occasions call for different approaches. Therefore, I offer a range of workshop formats:

School Workshops: These are designed to provide hands-on learning experiences that spark students' creativity.

Group Courses: I run special courses for groups, suitable for various occasions from team-building to social clubs.

Public Art Projects: Become part of something larger by contributing to large-scale community art projects.

How to Book Your Spot

If you're eager to explore the vibrant world of mosaic art please get in touch to book a workshop for your organisation.

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