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The Winged Finger - 2022

As an associate artist for Moondust Theatre's "The Winged Finger of Knaresborough", I produced two animations for the show.

In the research and development stage, I worked with the cast to develop these animations, ensuring they were aligned with the broader narrative. 

Beyond animation, my responsibilities extended to providing essential technical support throughout the rehearsals and performances, contributing to the smooth running of the show.


Harrogate Letters - 2021 


Permanent community public artwork for Harrogate town centre commissioned by Artizan International


Old Stinker - 2021

As part of the team for "Old Stinker (and other curious Yorkshire tales)", a project by Moon-dust Theatre and Arts Council England, I was given the responsibility to produce the central animation for the show. This animation narrated the story of Mother Shipton, the legendary prophetess from Knaresborough.

Working alongside members of the company, we developed this key visual piece which brought to life the rich folklore of Yorkshire. Our collaborative effort was grounded in the inclusive ethos of Moon Dust Theatre, reflecting an array of perspectives and experiences.

The project was a unique amalgamation of talents - professional theatre makers working closely with people with various disabilities. Our collective creativity found its expression in the animation, bringing an added dimension to the engaging narrative.

The production was a journey through Yorkshire's captivating past, told through local myths and legends. It was performed outdoors at Henshaws Arts and Crafts in Knaresborough, with the animation serving as a central pillar of the narrative


Master's in Creative Practice (Distinction), 2021

Focused on integrating natural mark-making with digital mediums through papercut art, lasercuts, and printmaking. View my portfolio.

122 Love Stories - 2022

In 2022, I was heavily involved in the creation of the "122 Love Stories" project, which was designed to celebrate Harrogate Theatre's 122nd birthday. As part of this Arts Council-funded project, I facilitated a series of community workshops aimed at generating a central animation.



Our Gate - 2021

As an Associate Artist with All Points North for their large-scale community performance 'Our Gate' in 2021, I played a significant role in facilitating the project. The project was funded by the Arts Council. My contributions included creating the poster design and associated artwork for the performance. This visual art was integral to the marketing and aesthetic narrative of the performance.

In addition, I played a crucial role in leading workshops to support the research and development phases of the performance. These workshops offered an opportunity for performers to explore their roles, experiment with performance techniques, and contribute to the creative process. 

Harrogate Letters - 2021 


I designed and created "Harrogate Letters", a permanent public artwork installation in the heart of Harrogate town centre. Commissioned by Artizan International and funded by Harrogate Business Improvement District (BID), this project was brought to life in collaboration with a diverse community group.

"Harrogate Letters" is a series of large mosaics spelling out 'Harrogate', each letter reflecting an element symbolic to the town. 

These designs were then transformed into vibrant mosaics by differently-able artists at Artizan International, a local charity. The completed letters now adorn the side wall of the Boots building on Cambridge Place, brightening up the town centre and serving as a testament to community collaboration.

Throughout this project, I was responsible for designing each letter's mosaic, guiding the community group, and ensuring the installation accurately reflected Harrogate's unique identity.

The Nightjar Night-Jar - 2019

I  created the Nightjar Night-Jar downloadable template as part of the accompanying artworks for Nightjar Nights. The Nightjar Nights series featured new works from writers Sara Hudston, Anita Roy, and Land Lines’ own David Higgins, with supporting materials from Tim Kohler at Natural England.


You can still download a printable nightjar ‘papercut’ and colouring sheet here:

Harrogate Christmas Sculpture 2019

Harrogate winter sculpture project was displayed for three months in the town centre. Directing students and college staff I created a kinetic sculpture and a soundscape that would play each evening for the public in Harrogate town centre.

Tour de Yorkshire.JPG

ON YER BIKE! - Tour de Yorkshire 2017

Resident artist with Harrogate Museums during the Tour de Yorkshire. I had the privilege of leading workshops at the Royal Pump Room Museum in Harrogate, which saw participation from schools, disabled adults, and individuals with early-onset dementia.

These workshops were a part of the "On Yer Bike!" project. Through collective efforts, we created a silhouette animation using live-action elements, a shadow screen, and an exercise bike trainer.


This innovative creation was proudly displayed on the big screen during the Tour de Yorkshire, celebrating both the community's creativity and the spirit of the sporting event.


Light Night Leeds 2016

Owls Shadow #Leedslightnight 2016 Central Library.


This installation and workshop involves visitors creating their own three dimensional shadow puppets that leap out in front of the screen to anyone wearing special glasses. The show is accompanied by soundscapes composed by Max Trewhitt and an animated narrative written for the installation. 


Peterborough City Environment Trust Festival 

Giant Papercut Artworks.

I created 6 artworks for the city festival all about different types of tree and their deep roots in our culture.

These artworks are now a central part of the Environment Trust offices and I have subsequently been invited back to take part in symposium relating to the works. 

SPECT: The Artists Gaze

Delius Arts & Cultural Centre


I curated an exhibition of 140 life drawings and produced the performance art piece SPECT in which we explored issues of the artist gaze and the relationship between model and artist. 

I collaborated with life models, artists and musicians to create an ensemble performance.



Infinite Loop: An installation for Bates Mill in Huddersfield


Part of a Multi-arts event "HOPE" with musician John Dor & STEMS. February 2013.


The work was produced with one camera, one candle, one television and no digital effects.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." Albert Eisntein


As an installation artist I'm adept at employing original video to create absorbing and immersive environments. My work often includes interactive elements where viewers can effect sound-scapes and visuals making them an active part of the installation.


Leeds Carnival
(lead Artist)

Multi-Artform Project, 'Midnight Fatcat Nah Pay tax', funded by Arts Council England & National Lottery.


Puppet build called "Midnight Robber" led a Mas called 'Unstitch the Rich' which was a comment on the widening gap between rich and poor, social and political commentary being a key influence on the work of collaborators Marina Poppa and Harrison Bundey Carnival troupe


Memory Theatre
Gallery II
University of Bradford

A selection of work made in response to the idea of memory and place, both real and imagined. As part of a whole series of inter-related happenings, we will be lifting the lid on Bradford's underground scene and playing out with a host of people, with loads of opportunities to make work and make friends.

I created installation, soundscape and participatory works for this exhibition in 2012


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